Do you really want to get well? Then stop giving up!


Well: 1. In good health. 2. Free. 3. Recovered from illness.

“When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, He asked him ‘Do you want to get well?’ (John 5:6)

The Amplified Bible puts it this way:  “Are you really in earnest about getting well?”

This is a good question. Do I really want to get well? Do I really want to draw closer to God again? Do I really want to trust God again even though I’ve been hurt, disappointed, forgotten and let down?

Every few years in my Christian walk I seem to get to a point where I feel like I’m walking around the same mountain again. I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round and I recognise the road I’m travelling on. I feel as though I’ve been here before. The scenery is the same. And I don’t like it. So what do I do? Do I keep walking? No. I stop. I sit down like the man at the well. Like an invalid. A cripple. I stop and sit down alongside the lame, the blind, the disabled. I give up. And I’m miserable. And trapped. The more hopeless my situation looks, the more I whinge and complain “I’ve got no one to help me. Every time I try to get into the pool someone else always steps ahead of me and gets there first.”

And my problems (hurts and disappointments) become my way of life.

I say that I want to get well. But do I? I say I want to be free but I am forever stopping when things get tough. If the answer is ‘yes, I want to get well’ then what am I waiting for? I need to stop being an invalid and hoping someone might come along and help me get into the water to be healed. I need to pick up my own mat and wade into the pool. It’s time to get my feet wet. It’s time to get fully submerged. The waters are stirring and Jesus is calling me. It’s my time to get well.

I’m sick and tired of starting over again and again. I want to get well. It’s my time to get well.


3 thoughts on “Do you really want to get well? Then stop giving up!

  1. Wow, Nicki. I remember reading this when you first posted. The power in your words is still there ~ even stronger.

    But today I wonder, is it possible that the ‘starting over’ is the beginning of ‘getting well’? Perhaps it’s all in how you embrace it…


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