Exceedingly Abundantly More

More: 1 In greater quantity, amount, measure, degree or number.

All glory to My God who is, through His mighty power at work within me, able to accomplish and carry out His purpose and do immeasurably and infinitely more (exceedingly abundantly far over and above) all I dare ask or think or imagine – even beyond my highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams. (Ephesians 3:20)

I seriously LOVE the op shops!

I wanted to bless Tim with a congratulatory present for his new job by buying him a black leather briefcase/laptop bag. I’m not one for surprises, so last night we were online shopping so that I could get an idea of exactly what he was looking for. Unfortunately all the ones he liked cost between $175 – $375! I call that having champagne taste on a beer budget!

Anyhow, this morning, after 2 hours of intense op shopping (ok, I loved every minute of it!), at the 3rd op shop, I found a black. leather. never-used. briefcase/laptop bag exactly like the ones he was looking at online…for the grand total of $6.99!!!!! All it needed was a bit of Enjo leather balm and it’s as good as new! I can’t wait to surprise him and bless him tonight with this gift.

When I got home, I was chatting online with a friend and she made the comment: “It must be hard getting used to feeling so happy when you wake up!” And I realised that’s so true! After 3 years of waking up every day and wondering how we would afford food on the table and worrying about which utility was going to get disconnected first, I have woken every day so far this week pondering the difference a job for Tim has made in our lives. This time two weeks ago we had no idea the doors that God was about to fling open and now here we are, with answered prayers right from our biggest prayer (a job) to the smallest prayer (a briefcase).

So far everything about this job is more than we ever prayed for, dreamed of, asked or hoped for or even imagined!

Funny thing that – it’s how God works! He’s the God of Exceedingly Abundantly MORE!


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