Soul renovation

Holiness: The state of being holy.

Holy: Dedicated or consecrated to God.

As part of my journey of faith I’m reading and doing daily Bible devotions again and this morning I came across the subject of being “Unashamedly Holy”. I’ve been a Christian for enough years that you would think I’d be able to tell you what it means to be ‘holy’, yet I’m finding it hard to come up with a definition that makes sense. If you asked me to explain in one simple sentence what it means to be holy, I don’t think I could give you an answer.

Words such as dedicated, consecrated and sanctified come to my mind but even after completing 12 months at Bible College, words like that still confuse me and they somehow seem so irrelevant and out of date for my everyday life. (Sorry, all you bible scholars, I’m just being honest!)

Bible College taught me that the word holy is found over 600 times in the Bible and the book of Leviticus is entirely devoted to the subject of being holy, but I ask you, have you ever actually read Leviticus? I mean it’s a law book of detailed rules, procedures and rituals with information about special clothing, instructions about purification and recommendations about how to touch and handle certain things. It’s an exhaustive “how to” list of living with God.

Thankfully, because of Jesus, I don’t live in the ancient world and times of animal sacrifices etc. found in Leviticus! But that doesn’t mean that the book isn’t still relevant to me today because it is! Leviticus reminds me that every aspect of my life – moral, physical and spiritual – is important to God.

The bible says that we must “make every effort to strive to live in peace with everyone and work at living a holy life because without holiness no one will see the Lord.” (Hebrews 12:14)

I don’t know about you, but I certainly want the opportunity of seeing the Lord therefore I’d better find out what “living a holy life” is really all about and get on and do it!

AW Pink describes holiness as that consisting of “internal change or renovation of our souls whereby our minds, affections and wills are brought into harmony with God.” (Read that again, it’s good!)

I love this description. A renovation of our souls.

Every opportunity I get I like to watch reality TV shows such as “60-minute Makeover”, “The Block”, “Renovation Rescue” and “Grand Designs”. I picture God holding the blueprints of my life and giving me the directions and instructions about what walls to knock over, what colour to paint the feature walls, what benches and cupboards to build in the new kitchen and where to put the new furniture. Imagine a renovation makeover of my soul where I don’t choose the new floor plan or what colour carpets or feature walls should be used, but God does?!

God is the boss! He’s the One in control. He is the one who makes the rules. He is the Creator of my life and therefore He has the authority over everything. And because He is God and I am not, He must be obeyed, whether I like the colours He has chosen for my life or not!

The other thing I like about that description is that I can “work at living a holy life”. That means it’s not something I have to have already attained. It’s like a renovation, it takes time! Phew! So, I don’t have just 60 minutes to get the job done. I won’t hear the whistle blow signalling it’s time to “down tools” and take a tea break! I don’t have to wrestle with building permits or worry about whether I’m going to get permission to move a wall in a Grade 2 listed building or stress about getting the slab poured before the weather turns. God takes care of all that!

I’m simply a work in progress, working on living a holy life, constantly aiming to grow in personal wholeness and Godly character in order to please God and fulfill my destiny and the plans He has for my life.


2 thoughts on “Soul renovation

  1. Lovely to ponder Nick…2 things that jumped out at me when I read your in peace needs to be strived for…an active activity…not something that just rolls around…by sitting around saying “ommmm”
    and 2. …I did see that others would see the Lord in our Holiness …as well as we would see the Lord…Your thoughts?
    love jan

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