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Bible: 1.The Christian scriptures. 2.The sacred book of Christianity, a collection of ancient writings including the books of both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Apparently one of the first books to come off the printing press when it was first invented was the Bible. It was popular then and it is allegedly still the world’s best-selling book. Interestingly, there is no list claiming which book holds the title but the Guinness Book of World Records answers the best-selling book question by saying: “We have to remind people that the question is basically unanswerable. No one really knows which books have sold the most copies in history, because we simply don’t have records that cover all of history! As such, any answer that we find is essentially just a ‘best guess’ based upon estimates made by historians and other experts. The top bestselling book of all time is probably The Bible although no-one really knows how many copies have been printed, sold, or distributed.”

The Bible Society attempted to calculate the number printed between 1816 and 1975 and they produced a figure of 2,458,000,000. A more recent survey, for the years up to 1992, put it closer to 6,000,000,000 in more than 2,000 languages and dialects. Whatever the precise figure, it is probably safe to conclude that the Bible is the best-selling book of all time.

A search on Google about what the Bible actually is (or isn’t) will lead you down the contentious path of controversy and debate that boils amongst both Christians who should believe the Bible is God’s truth and Christians who claim it is NOT God’s infallible revelation to man! And that’s just the fighting that goes on between the so-called Christian ‘believers’!! It seems every person has an opinion about the Bible and it’s contents!

I have an opinion and a stance too – and it’s quite simple. I believe this best-selling book is God’s truth and that it is His word for me and my life. I’m not even going to attempt to justify why I believe this. I just do. Go ahead and challenge me on this, but I won’t bite back and I won’t argue.

An anonymous author wrote this about the Bible and I LOVE it.

“The Bible contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the fate of sinners, and the happiness of believers. It is a light to direct you, food to nourish you, and comfort to cheer you. It is the traveller’s road map, the pilot’s compass, the soldier’s weapon, and the player’s game plan. It’s a mine of incredible wealth, and a river of genuine joy. Its doctrines are holy, its precepts are binding, its histories are true, and its decisions are immutable. Christ is its grand subject, your good its design, and the glory of God its end. Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, practice it to be spiritually healthy. Read it slowly, frequently and prayerfully. Let it fill your memory, rule your heart, and guide your steps. It is given to you in life, will be opened at the judgment, and be remembered for ever. It involves the highest responsibility, will reward the greatest labour, and judge those who trifle with its sacred contents.”

Perhaps that’s why it’s a best seller. Read it and form your opinion. But be warned: it might just transform your life!


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