I used to be so organised

Organised: 1. To arrange into a structured order. 2. To co-ordinate activities efficiently.

I’m so excited! My book arrived today from the UK ready for the next Online Bible Study with Melissa Taylor and 2000+ other women from around the world. The study starts this Sunday and here I am, organised enough that I’ve got my book ordered and delivered before the study even starts! Go me. Considering I’ll be one of the Facebook group leaders, I thought I’d better impress everyone with my organisational prowess!

But just in case you’re applauding me (or feeling slightly envious) I have something to admit.

You see last night I was panicking because my book hadn’t arrived. I got online to search the website for my order. I thought I’d ordered a copy of the book through one company but couldn’t find a record of confirmation of order anywhere. So I checked a few of the other companies from whom I often purchase books. But I couldn’t find an order anywhere! I finally assumed I’d forgotten to order the book so last night I jumped online and ordered two copies – one hard copy and one Kindle version (for the Kindle I don’t yet own!) And today my book arrived! Wow, that was express delivery right there! Yes, you got it. The copy that arrived in today’s mail was the one I ordered weeks ago in my state of early organisational frenzy!

Just so you know how disorganised I am and how much I need this study!

So…who needs a copy?


4 thoughts on “I used to be so organised

  1. girl you make me laugh and laugh. i do stuff like that all the time. i always tell me it’s my kids that zap my brain cells so i can’t remember what the heck i’m doing but really it’s my need for more focus and organization. love ya!

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