God Bless you!

Blessed: 1. Divinely or supremely favored; Fortunate; Happy and Prosperous. 2. The state of having received a blessing.

Blessed (happy, joyful, fortunate and to be envied) are the people of integrity – those who are upright, truly sincere, and who live without blame; those who walk in the way of the revealed will of God; those who follow the instructions of the Lord. Their conduct and conversation reflect God. Blessed (happy, joyful, fortunate and to be envied) are the people who obey His laws, keep His testimonies, who search and seek, who inquire for and of Him, who trust Him and who crave Him with their whole heart.” (Psalm 119:1-2)

I’ve been thinking a lot about blessings lately. The many blessings I’ve received. Blessings I’ve (hopefully) given to others. The blessings of good health. The blessings of family and friends in my life. The blessing of employment. The blessing of being awake. Of being alive.

As a Christian, I casually (and perhaps at times flippantly) use the word “bless” all the time.

  • I describe myself as being blessed: “I’m so blessed because of such and such…”
  • I thank others for blessing me: “Bless you for doing such and such..”
  • I tell others about blessings I have received: “What a blessing such as such is/was…”
  • I even use it to wish good health to a person who has just sneezed! “Bless you!”
  • I use it as a parting comment on emails or text messages: “Bless you…”

This morning I had an opportunity to help out a friend. It wasn’t a big deal for me but I was able to be somewhere and do something for her while she was at work. My friend’s new horse arrived by transport from interstate and I was able to unload her from the truck and get her rugs on and settle her into her new paddock. As a keen horse lover and owner of horses most of my life, this was a true blessing to me because I haven’t had a horse of my own for years. Today, I left the paddock smelling of a horse that for a brief moment I could pretend was mine! I was happy. Joyful. Fortunate. And blessed.

And ultimately, I believe that it was blessings are all about. When we bless others, we in turn are blessed.

A couple of months ago, in the midst of our dark storm and season of discouragement, it was hard to see how blessed I really was. But I truly am blessed. I am favored by God. I am happy. I am fortunate. I am joyful. I am prosperous. I am truly blessed because I know God. I have a relationship with Jesus. I have the fellowship and presence of the Holy Spirit. I know that the Creator of the Universe is with me and for me. I know this because the Bible tells me that as I seek Him and crave Him with all my heart, as I aim to stand upright in honesty and integrity, as I obey Him and walk in His ways, then I am blessed.

Today, when I got home from helping out my friend I got thinking about how blessed I felt. And I got thinking about this verse in Psalms and I realised I had some questions to ask of myself: “Am I envied?” “Am I a blessing to others?” “Am I making an impact on other people?” “Am I extending myself out into the world, and out into my community?” “Am I able to say with conviction, ‘God bless you’ and really mean it?”

My blessings are not mine to be kept. They are to be shared. As I share the things I have been blessed with, then I will truly be able to say that I am blessed to be a blessing to others.

God bless you. I mean it.



2 thoughts on “God Bless you!

  1. Food for thought Nick…(by the way..if they could bottle horse and saddle smell..I would wear it) Sometimes we (I) forget that life is tough..and for some..more than just tough. I think to feel blessed…we need also to embrace thankfulness. When I live in thankfulness I find it easier to feel blessed..obviously we are blessed even if we don’t feel it..but it is nice to have that anyway.
    I am enjoying your blog..you are a blessing to so many…least of all me.Love ya xxx

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