I do want greater!

Greater: 1. Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has imagined or conceived the things that God has arranged and prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

What I love about God is that when He speaks, He does so through different people, often simultaneously.

I’m getting ready to start leading a team of women through the study of Ps Steven Furtick’s book “Greater” starting on November 25th 2012 with Melissa Taylor and the team at Proverbs 31 Ministries. Because I like to be at least one chapter ahead of my group, I have already started reading this great (pardon the pun) book. As I turn the pages of this book, God is speaking to me about opening up my imagination to the possibility that He might have has a plan and a purpose and a vision for my life that is greater than what I’m currently seeing and living. His plan for my life is something I cannot even imagine! My eye has never seen it! My ear has never heard about it! But it has all been arranged by God and it is waiting for me! He wants me to achieve greater things. Today!

As Pastor Steven puts it, it’s time for me to be empowered to take a God-given dream “from idea to reality” and have my abilities stretched in ways that I never thought possible. It’s time to replace the images of myself that keep me feeling as though I’m stuck in the past. It’s time to remove the labels of inferiority I have placed on myself. It’s time to start living my life to it’s fullest. He wants me to achieve greater things. Today!

Yesterday Ps Russell Evans, the Senior Pastor of Planetshakers Church came to Geelong and preached a message that confirmed what God has been speaking to me through reading “Greater”. He reminded me (again) that I must remove the tags and labels I have placed on myself. God doesn’t label me! The Bible says that I am a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ. And if I belong to Christ (which I do), then I am an heir! It doesn’t matter what my background is, it doesn’t matter what my past says about me, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve stuffed up and feel as though I’ve disappointed God with my lack of faith and trust in Him and His provision. In His eyes, when I committed my life and my heart to Him and said “I do“, I became a new creation with a new bloodline – a royal bloodline. That means I am royalty! No longer a slave. Destined for more. Destined for greater. Therefore I must stop placing myself in a (small) box and believing that the walls I see around me are the walls that God wants me to see. I worship a limitless God. A God of making the impossible possible. A God that wants me to smash down those walls of limitations around my life. He wants me to achieve greater things. Today!

As I thought about these things God has been speaking to me about, I realised a few things:

  • I do want more from my life.
  • I do want to ignite God’s vision for my life.
  • I do want to live an audacious life.
  • I do want to embrace God’s plan for my calling and purpose.
  • I do want to be able to confidently believe that with God, nothing is impossible.
  • I do want to release all my fears and the doubts and lies I have listened to for so long.
  • I do want to trust God in all things (again).
  • I do want to live a faith-filled life.
  • I do want to live a better life than I’m currently living.
  • I do want greater.

Living greater with God means that I will live at an intensity considerably above the normal or average. And it’s time to start. Today.


6 thoughts on “I do want greater!

  1. Thanks Nicki! What a great introduction to an even GREATER book! I am a few chapters in as I prepare for my group as well. And yes, it is a fantastic book to help you realize just how to “hear” God’s amazing plan for your life! Thank you for sharing and getting us even more excited!

  2. I do, I do, I do.
    I know there must be a reason for me being here other than just to exist day after day.
    I would love to know what it is
    I haven’t got the book yet due to finance but I’ve signed up.
    Thank you for sharing you excitement.

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