Be careful what you pray for

Go: 1. Move from one place or point to another.

Yes: 1. An affirmative answer or decision.

The Lord said to Abram, ‘Go from your country…to the land I will show you…so Abram went.” Genesis 12:1

Yesterday was day one of four days of praying for greater things in my life leading up to the start of the study of Ps Steven Furtick’s new book “Greater” which I will be studying with Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies.

This was my prayer: “God, I read the Bible stories of the many things You did through Your people. Amazing things. History-changing things. Greater things. And I have to admit, I have doubts You could use a person like me in the same way. Otherwise, I’d already be living in all-out pursuit of Your plans for my life. But I’m not doing that. I’m living to get by and be comfortable. God, I’m asking You today to give me greater confidence to embrace the plan You have for my life. I want to take the first step today. I want to follow you like never before. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Only hours after praying and basically saying: “I want to do greater things today”, the phone rang and I was given an opportunity that will fast-track my nursing career and position me for where I believe God wants me for my future. I was offered a position for which I didn’t even apply!

How does that work?

Over the past three years of our journey through doubt and disappointment, I found out too well that God can be painfully vague and incomplete in His instructions at times! But not this time! And it doesn’t make sense! Three years of praying for a job for my husband with no answers. Three years of questioning my faith in God. Three years of wondering if God had forgotten me. Three years of trust issues. Three years of unanswered prayers.

And then, yesterday I decided to pray again. A bold prayer. An audacious prayer. God, I want greater.

And He said “yes”!

I can hardly believe it!

I’m shaking my head with wonder and realizing that as I pursue greater things, God isn’t necessarily always going to tell me how it will be done, only that He will do it. He won’t always show me the next step to take nor give me all the answers to my questions, but that’s okay. And it’s not just me! God told Abram “Go to the land I will show you” and then He didn’t give Abraham any more details! No road map. No GPS. No detailed plan with instructions. Just. Go.

He will do the showing, if I do the going.

I don’t know where God eventually wants me to be working but I am willing to say “yes”. I am willing to take one small, frightening, faith-filled step without thinking too far ahead about where I might end up. God hasn’t said “go” in order to disorientate me or frighten me, but to develop me. He wants me to draw closer to Him. In that process, as I seek more of Him in my life, I will experience a deeper intimacy with Him and then I will receive my next set of instructions.

As Ps Steven says, “You can only go where He tells you to go today. When you wake up the next morning, He’ll show you where to go tomorrow. The day after that, He’ll show you where to go that day and the next. If He told you the whole thing at once, it would probably freak you out. Besides, He’s trying to teach you how to walk by faith. And most of all, His greatest ambition in leading you into greater things isn’t that you would know what to do. It’s that you would know who He is.”

Day one of praying for greater things in my life and I have already discovered that I need to be very careful what I pray for. Because when He says “go”, I have to be willing to say “yes”.


9 thoughts on “Be careful what you pray for

  1. Wow Nicki! That is great! I am so excited for you! Praise the Lord! He is so Great! I love this testimony and I’m excited to see all God is going to do!

  2. Thanks for that encouragement to keep trusting, it can be so hard. I need to pray BOLDY! Thrilled that you have had answered prayer and a door has been opened for you. May the Lord bless you as he guides you in his perfect plan! 🙂

  3. Wow! That is awesome! Our God is AWESOME! I did Day One today and prayed the same prayer…I am nervous & excited at the same time. I am such a planner, it is so hard for me to stop worrying about where I am going to end up and just trust God with each day. I am excited for you and your journey.

  4. Nicki, I have been doing the Four Days of Greater Devotions also. I am just so amazed at how wonderful it is to have sisters in Christ who help me to grow in my walk with the Lord.

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