God’s beautiful masterpiece

God's masterpiece paintingMasterpiece: 1. A work of outstanding artistry, extraordinary skill, or workmanship. 2. An artist’s or craftsman’s best piece of work.

Beautiful: 1. Pleasing to the senses or mind aesthetically. 2. Of a very high standard. 3. Excellent.

“For we are God’s own handiwork (His beautiful workmanship). We are His design, His creation, His masterpiece…”  (Ephesians 2:10)

Do you think I’m beautiful?

If I’m really honest, deeply hidden somewhere within my soul is this question. It’s the question I often ask without even saying those exact words out loud. I package the question in different ways. “Does this dress suit me?” “Do you like my haircut?” “Does this colour look good on me?” “Does my bum look big in this?”

What I’m really asking is “Am I beautiful?” And, “Do you think I’m beautiful?” The problem is, what’s beautiful to one person might actually be considered ugly to the next. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

No matter how many times my husband looks at me and tells me I’m beautiful, although it makes me feel great, it doesn’t validate my beauty. So the question I finally asked myself is, who is my beholder? And the answer is, it’s God! God validates my beauty. His Word validates my beauty. And if I am beautiful to Him then I am truly beautiful in every sense of the word.

It took me years to finally understand and believe that God created me in His image – so it’s sad when I forget this and no longer see myself through His eyes. A piece of art. Loved. A masterpiece. A work of outstanding artistry and skill. Excellent. Pleasing. Beautiful.

I am a masterpiece. I am a work of art. I have been made by the Master. I am a ‘piece’ of the Master, made in God’s image. God’s. Master. Piece.



9 thoughts on “God’s beautiful masterpiece

  1. Hi Nicki! I am coming over from Unite!

    How wonderful that you know that you are God’s beautiful daughter. I still struggle with that, but I know it’s true. I just have to let my head in on the news! LOL!

    Your husband sounds like a lovely man. You are so blessed to have him in your life. And he is blessed too!

    So good to meet you this morning!

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