Connect the dots

connect the dotsConnect: 1. To bring something into contact so that a real link is established. 2. To join together so as to provide access and/or communication. 3. To unite or combine.

“And I will lead the blind along roads and paths that they have never known. I will guide them and lead them on paths that they have never traveled. I will take them to places they have never been before. Their road may be dark and rough but I will give light and turn darkness into light before them. I will make the rough ground smooth to keep them from stumbling. These things I will do. I will not abandon them. That is My solemn promise.” (Isaiah 42:16)

As a child I loved “dot-to-dot” or “connect the dot” books. Because I was never much of an free-hand artist, I remember loving the feeling of creativity that came over me when the picture emerged after I had joined all the dots together. And oh I remember the disappointment when I made a mistake and joined the wrong dots together! How awful that picture looked!

I have been thinking a lot lately about how God is the absolute “Master artist” when it comes to artistically and creatively connecting all the dots in my life. As I look back over my life and reflect on the journey I have taken so far, (especially the journey over these last few years), I can clearly see how God has connected me to places, to churches, to jobs, to situations, to circumstances and to people all for the purpose of making my life a series of beautiful pictures. You see, I don’t imagine my life as one big dot-to-dot picture, I see my life as a whole book of separate pictures. As each new season begins, a new page is turned, a new chapter begins and a new set of numbers appears, waiting to be joined together by the stroke of God’s pen.

As each new page is turned, all I see is a blank canvas with random numbers written across the page. I can’t see what the picture is going to look like in the beginning. But as I allow God to join and connect the dots, the picture begins to appear. The cool thing is, while I have no idea what the picture is going to become, God already knows! And whilst I may have a few (okay, more than a few) suggestions about how the picture should look, I have realized that I need to trust God and remember how awful the picture looks when I skip ahead or miss the next number on the page.

So as I allow God to connect the dots in my life the way He has planned, I will choose to trust Him and I will wait with expectation to see how this page and this picture will turn out. Rather than rushing ahead onto the next page in my book, I will allow each page to be completed and finished in full.

Lord, I ask You to please show me where the next dot is. Please lead me to the next number on the page. Please take me along the path I have never known. Please have patience as I do my best to trust You with each step along the path. And as I “land” on the next dot, I choose to believe that it will be the exact (perfect) dot for me – one that You have placed before me in order to create another one of Your beautiful pictures of my life.

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4 thoughts on “Connect the dots

  1. Great analogy. It’s so true. We try to run ahead of God because we believe we know best. When we slow down and wait for Him to lead, the path is so much clearer. (Visiting from Essential Thing linkup.)

  2. Wonderful thoughts here. I wrote on something similar today. We only see fragments of our life each day. Only God knows the whys & hows & whens. He sees the whole picture from the beginning of our days to the end. May we come to trust Him more each day. Thank you so much for sharing this today. I needed yet another reminder 🙂
    I am visiting from Unite.
    Have a great Tuesday!

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