Fear Factor

Fear-FactorFear: 1. An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. 2. Dread. 3. Apprehension. 4. Alarm.

“Fear is a darkroom where negatives are developed” (quote unknown)

“Fear not (there is nothing to fear) for I am with you. Do not look around you in terror and be dismayed or alarmed or scared, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up and retain you with My right hand. I will take good care of you. I always do what is right.” (Isaiah 41:9-11)

‘Fear Factor’ is a reality TV show where contestants compete and perform stunts or dares in order to win a prize. Most of the stunts are dangerous and stupid (and likely to cause pain) and let me tell you that for all the money in the world you will NEVER EVER catch me doing any of those sorts of stunts or dares. I don’t like danger. I don’t like eating weird foods. I don’t like creepy crawlies – especially over my body. I don’t like jumping out of things. Or into things. Especially water. In other words, I don’t like being out of my comfort zone. I like to be safe.

In her book “What happens when women say ‘yes’ to God”, Lysa TerKeurst asks: “What is holding you back from going deeper in your relationship with God?”

For me? One word. Fear.

If I say ‘yes’ to God, what will happen if He asks me to do something really really really crazy dangerous and likely to cause pain?

What if God asks me to step out of my comfort zone?

The reality is, He’s done it before and He’s likely to do it again therefore I must constantly remind myself of this recurring theme in the Bible…

  • “Do not fear” (1 Samuel 12:20)
  • “Don’t ever be afraid” (Joshua 10:25)
  • “You have nothing to fear” (Genesis 50:21)
  • “Do not tremble with fear” (Isaiah 44:8)
  • “They had nothing to fear” (Nahum 2:11)
  • “They laugh at fear” (Job 39:22a)
  • “They are not afraid of anything” (Job 39:22b)
  • “Do not fear what they fear” (Isaiah 8:12)
  • “There is no fear in love…perfect love drives fear away” (1 John 4:18)

There is no fear in love.

Whether its a minor setback or a major catastrophe, whether it’s a little ‘blip’ along the journey or a seriously frightening situation, whether I’m right out on a limb, right out of my comfort zone or whether my feet are firmly planted in security, I am called by God to face life without fear. Because He loves me. And because there is no fear found in love. God will never ask me to do ‘stunts’ and my life is not a competition to be won where I only win the prize if I accept His ‘dare’.

So as I speak these verses over my life I am determining to move forward with my palms up, ready to receive all that God has for me as I say ‘yes’ to Him.

And yet again it all comes back to making a choice to trust God day to day. Because He always does what is right.


8 thoughts on “Fear Factor

  1. “Face life without fear”! I wrote that one down as well as all the verses on fear. I am working with God through the fear strongholds in my life and he brought me to your blog. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for putting a pen to one of the things that hold me back! Loved your scriptures, Nicki… I esp. quote Joshua 1:6 that starts with BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS,,,with some fear and trepidation…I trudge on..As one of my fav lady bible teachers, Joyce Meyer say..”Even if you’re afraid…do it afraid..step out” Love that you are ministering as a care giver..I thank God for you! And will be praying for you today! Be Blessed!

  3. Great post Nicki!! I love the line, ” God will never ask me to do ‘stunts’ and my life is not a competition to be won where I only win the prize if I accept His ‘dare’.” From all I know of you, you are one who is not afraid to say YES! I love that and God is rewarding you for it!! Love you!

  4. Nicki,

    Thank you for all the verses. You are on a roll girl.
    When does your book come out? You know you could write one.

    Love your heart lady.

  5. Nicki,
    Thank you for inviting me to read your blog. I loved how to did a study on Fear – complete with dictionary application and verse mapping. I am fearful as well of what God requests of me. What if he wants me to become a missionary – somewhere dangerous, where the comforts of home – heat, a/c, sewer system, 3 bedrooms/living room/kitchen may not be available no 401k, no retirement. What if he asks me to talk to someone about HIM and they yell or get physical? What if God asked me to give up my bible like Lysa? Am I ready to say YES? Thank you for your blog
    Love in Christ,
    Barb Keane

  6. I don’t watch it here in the UK but Fear Factor sounds horrific! 🙂 I like to stay in my comfort zone too and am saddened to discover that the older I get the more I seem to be fearful. I love that God knows that we suffer fear and reminds us often not to fear and to know His peace. Thanks for another great post and for linking up at Essential Fridays.

    1. For the record Mel I don’t watch Fear Factor either but I have seen it in passing and yes, it’s horrific! I agree with you, sadly the older I get the more I realise I could get injured so I very much pass up the scary things to keep my feet on the ground – figuratively and literally!
      Thanks for allowing me to link up with Essential Fridays.
      Blessings and love

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