2 thoughts on “The Perfect Proposal

  1. That’s a really hard one. Many, many moons ago, when the Boss and I were still “living in sin” I had a plan to propose to him. I had bought a nice ring for him, lay-by-ed it for ages, and planned to ask him at a small party we were throwing that weekend. We had mentioned marriage several times before, it was definitely on the cards; he wouldn’t say no. Surprise, surprise we had a big argument early in the morning. We decided we couldn’t possibly stand living together anymore. I grabbed the ring and threw it at him, saying “I was going to propose. HERE! Have the ring anyway, it doesn’t fit me.”…….End of argument. About six months later, when he was away on exercise for an extended amount of time, I wrote him a letter saying I was not satisfied with this loose arrangement we had, and that we needed to formalise it. He rang me back saying he agreed and I should start planning something, however I wanted the wedding to go, he’d happily show up. When he returned from that trip, I fell pregnant……. 🙂

    1. Hi Gwen
      Thanks for sharing your story.

      So was there ever a real proposal? Or did you just go ahead and plan the wedding? Did you get married after the baby or while you were pregnant?

      I love all types of stories and I Iove the fact that not everyone has a romantic tale to share. Maybe that’s why a bit of romance reading is an escape from reality. A chance to suspend our beliefs of what real life really is.

      My own proposal was terrible unromantic but it’s still a story worth telling. One day I shall tell it!

      Thanks for sharing.

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